A fragrance that will please the Gods


Incense Sticks

The Asian nations of India, China, Japan and other countries have the richest incense tradition and form an essential part of prayers.

It’s glorified as the scent of God and regularly used in religious ceremonies.

Incense sticks made from Agarwood of the Aquilaria tree are said to be the purest and holiest of all.

Besides many people light incense sticks for the aroma, spreading across the room with a pleasant feeling.

The aroma is sure to lift the spirits.

Is it a must to use incense sticks?

While Incense sticks are considered holy with a purifying effect in the culture, modern science has come out with the harmful effects of the smoke released by them.

Using 1 to 2 sticks per day is considered as moderation and is permitted by the scientific community.

Any health-related issues?

People working in those places where incense sticks are used regularly or people working in these manufacturing places are subjected to health risks.

  • It is said that these people suffer from bronchial asthma and other respiratory-related diseases including lung cancer.
  • Many toxic and irritant compounds were detected besides the aromatic substances.

If we are scared of using incense sticks because of the scientific community’s warning, what is that we can do least?

“Let us pray that our lives become like incense sticks, spreading a beautiful fragrance to the lives of

one and all” Amma

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Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Mr Philo

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