Courage in danger is half the battle-Plautus


It appears that some people are naturally fearless.
Some are risk-takers.
Whatever the cause, these individuals are not afraid of dying.

When they must perform risky actions or when their profession requires certain safety measures, they simply don’t give a damn or just don’t feel terrified.

This man is seen in the shot above perched precariously on a wobbly rock to attend to some work, probably removing the damaged wires.

A disaster just waiting to happen!

Our lives would have been very different if not for such brave individuals.

All of these people who are prepared to put their lives in danger for the good of their fellow humans deserve our gratitude and appreciation.

Top 10 most dangerous jobs

“I only fear danger where I want to fear it.”
 Franz Kafka

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6 thoughts on “Courage in danger is half the battle-Plautus

  1. People perceive many jobs as dangerous, but the job is often safer than people think because of careful adherence to safety procedures.
    Some people feel my hobby as a private pilot is a dangerous “job”, but it’s all about risk mitigation. There are pilots who aren’t as careful about risk mitigation, and there are those who are “by the book.” I am happy that most commercial pilots who carry hundreds of passengers use those risk mitigation techniques so that all can arrive safely at their destination.

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      1. Thank you, Philo. After logging over 1700 hours as a flying pilot and countless others as a passenger in small planes, I certainly have no fear of flying. In fact, I am more in fear of high places on the ground than being thousands of feet in the air.
        It’s a matter of feeling comfortable in one’s environment knowing that all necessary safety precautions have been met and that I am competent at executing emergency procedures should they become necessary. Fortunately, I’ve only had minor “emergencies” in my flying career, but I simulate emergency procedures every year during my annual check ride.

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