No plan, no maps, no GPS, no rules-Just ride

Why do teenage boys perform life-threatening stunts?

I don’t have a clue.

These daredevils risk their lives in the name of ‘fun’.

Less said better about ‘viral videos’ which can encourage teens to do stupid things that can lead to death.

Why do these young people do what they do?

You ask any one of these brain-less souls, the answer remains the same; “We do it because we enjoy doing this”

I feel we must blame the sheer ‘peer pressure’ or ‘surge of hormones’ or to be in the ‘limelight! or do they love to impress the opposite gender?

Social media platforms not helping much, sadly the video/photo goes viral!

In India, one can see people hanging from the doors of trains or speeding buses or hanging behind a moving vehicles not only risking their lives but others too.

Teens doing dangerous stunts on the modified bicycles are too common.

These boys are seen hanging from the bus window grill and their legs taking support on a rotating back wheel of the bus. What a terrifying scene!

I am sure you might have come across such scenes in your country may be in different Avatars.

What is your experience, my friend?


Apologies for the poor resolution of the images. Images captured with OnePlus 6 mobile camera.

This teenager saw this slowly moving commercial vehicle and got tempted to ride on its back.

Probably he wanted to enjoy a ‘free’ ride with all the thrill.


Losing balance

Next minute he started losing his balance as the vehicle started to pick up speed.



Next second, we see the boy falling.

Luckily, he did not fall on his head. He managed somehow and got up and started walking calmly towards the pavement side of the road.

Of course, the onlookers were shouting at him for his misdeed.


Luckily this boy escaped un harmed.

All is well that ends well!

Many may not be this lucky!

Boy attempts dangerous stunts on moving train

Are these teens following this quote truthfully?

“Life is inherently risky.

There is only one big risk.

You should avoid at all costs, that is the risk of doing nothing” Unknown

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Take care, my friend.

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Mr Philo

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8 thoughts on “No plan, no maps, no GPS, no rules-Just ride

  1. I have tried to stay alive most of my life even when I was a teenager but I did do some crazy stuff when I was kid. I once climbed onto the top of a house just so I can sneak up on my buddy as we were playing war games with out fake play guns. I have seen as an adult some crazy motor cyclist crash and burn on a major interstate as they were standing on their bikes going over 60 miles per hour. luckily no one ran him over on hit him as he crash to the ground. I am sure he was banged up but he was also wearing a helmet to protect his head. But he got back up on his bike and continued down the interstate. crazy right?

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  2. I agree with your list of triggers for these behaviours but I also wonder if the idea of adrenaline junkies might also apply here? These youngsters are engaging in these daring acts to impress, to gain followers on social media etc but I wonder how much their successful escapades drive them to be more daring rather than seeing something as a lucky escape, it pushes them to go further

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