Kaliya Mardan


Story of Kaliya Mardan (the defeat of Kaliya)

Lord Krishna is a major Deity in Hinduism. He is worshipped as Supreme God.

Kaliya Mardan is a celebrated feat of Lord Krishna as a child (Lord Krishna is known as Balakrishna in his childhood) who overcomes the dreaded snake.

Kaliya is a multiheaded ferocious Naga (snake).

Kaliya came to Vrindavan fearing Garuda, a celestial being possessing human and eagle features. (since eagles feed on the snake, Kaliya is scared of him)


The giant serpent was residing in the Yamuna river and scaring people. He was also spilling the deadly venom into the river and thus killing innocent creatures who came to drink water.

One day Krishna and his friends were playing a game of ball and during the play, the ball fell near the spot where Kalia resided.

Krishna jumped into the river to fetch the ball and was attacked by the violent snake.

The snake tried to crush Krishna by coiling around him.

Krishna escaped effortlessly, dragged the snake and jumped on one of its heads and started performing His cosmic dance.

He assumed the weight of the entire Universe in his tiny feet and almost crushed him to death.

Krishna being benevolent stopped after hearing the prayers of Kaliya’s wives.

Lord Krishna Pardoned him and banished him to Patala.


With its numerous hoods, snake Kalia symbolises the numerous desires we have.

We are never satisfied even though our desires are fulfilled. Still, a new one arises just like the new hoods of Kalia (Kalia has got powers to come with a new hood whenever one hood breaks).

Lord Krishna is undisturbed and keeps playing the flute while dancing, denoting the power of discrimination, wisdom, on the focus on the bliss of the self.

Lord never asks us to eliminate desire, greed, anger or delusion but to change their course. Re-channelize these emotions in a better and more beneficial direction.

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for”

Choice is yours

“Throughout the day, we have the choice to have faith that God is in control, meaning all that happens is for my greater good, or we can go around in fear, worried and negative expecting the worst” Rev J Martin


“No matter what your situation is or what circumstances you are facing, what matters is that God can save you from the gutter most to the uttermost. God is never late, but on time” Michelle Murray

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8 thoughts on “Kaliya Mardan

  1. What a beautiful mural made even better by the lovely explanation. Not having heard the story of the snakes and Krishna, it was even more interesting. Thank you for sharing not only the picture but the story and the meaning of the story. It made the post come to life. 🙂

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