Being Dirty Outwards

Nobody likes to appear dirty or wishes to keep the surroundings dirty.

Being clean or cleaning up a thing is said to be important in our day-to-day practice, and keeping the environment clean prevents many of the diseases related to unhygienic practices of humans.

We always look at cleanliness in an external form.

What about internal cleanliness?

All of us claim we are clean both internally and externally.

But this is a lie which you and I know very well.

What is the reason?

It’s our mind, which none can read!

And our minds are polluted right from adolescence

“We live kind of society where people scold you for wearing crop clothes. But for their own pleasure and entertainment, this society tears your clothes apart to see your naked body. Even society forces you to strip down your clothes for their hidden satisfaction. But in front of all, they just say you are so nasty.”
Salman Aziz

Is it possible to clean up our polluted minds?

It’s not possible.

Can a clean-up mind be equal to clean earth?

Can environmental pollution be polluting our minds?

I have no answers.

But the solution is simple

“Don’t worry to do dirty jobs. Dirt your body. Don’t dirt your soul.”
Sijin Bt


“If a clean heart wears dirty clothes, it will still look clean! If a dirty heart wears clean clothes, it will still look dirty!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

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Mr Philo

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