Life is Texture-Elizabeth Day


Yes, my friend. Life is a texture. And life has all those ingredients.

The texture is nothing but a surplus of feelings, moods and memories. Situations we face in our daily life can easily change our emotions (sensory texture & emotional texture)


Did you try texture photography?

What is texture photography?

It’s a visual element bringing a photo to life.

Textures are the details that visually describe how something physically feels.

For example in the above image after visualising the same, you are in a position to express that the surface is rough.

Similarly, you can appreciate smoothness, granularity, and glassy or sharpness in photos related to water or sand or metal.


Do we need a special lens for texture photography?

Any lens can be used in texture photography. The technique may vary depending on the subject and purpose you intend to photograph.

What do we look for in texture photography?

Texture photography is the visual depiction of  things about variation in

  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Depth
  • Patterns
  • Contrast

of an object’s surface.

Where to find textures?

My friend, it’s found everywhere.

The only requirement is you must train your eyes to look for it.

You can find the texture in Nature, Food, Architecture and textiles, sculptures, pottery, painting and even dust in your room.


In the image above you get the silky and smooth feeling when you look at the water from the waterfall.


“The photographer has almost as much control over his subject matter as a painter.

He can control light and shade, form and space, pattern and texture, motion and mood, everything except composition” Andreas Feininger

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Take care, my friend.

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Mr Philo

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