Vegetable or Flower?


Cauliflower technically is a true flower.

Colours can range from white to purple, yellow or green.

We don’t see the full-grown flower but those clusters of immature flower buds known as curds which we eat.

The majority of the cauliflower is white because the cluster of buds is covered by the green leaves resulting in less exposure to sun and thus lacking chlorophyll  (which is responsible for the green tint).

Cauliflower is packed with Vitamin C, high in folates Vitamin K and vitamin B6.

It’s a gluten-free alternative to rice and flour.

“The word ‘vegetable’ has no precise botanical meaning in reference to food plants, and we find that almost all parts of plants have been employed as vegetables – roots (carrot and beet), stems (Irish potato and asparagus), leaves (spinach and lettuce), leaf stalk (celery and Swiss chard), bracts (globe artichoke), flower stalks and buds (broccoli and cauliflower), fruits (tomato and squash), seeds (beans), and even the petals (Yucca and pumpkin)” Charles Heiser

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