Life’s a journey, travel it well

For this challenge, the host John Steiner S of Lens-Artists says

“I am asking you to share images that focus on your journeys. Consider examples of historical modes of transportation if you happen to have some in your gallery, a horse-drawn wagon in Pennsylvania, or maybe an abandoned boat along the seashore.

Consider images of places you’ve travelled to if you’re not into capturing those modes of transportation that got you there. Another tack could be to share images of places you discovered while on your journey to another destination. It’s all about the journey for this week’s challenge.”

Have you heard of the word ‘RESFEBER’?

It’s a Swedish word.

It refers to the tangled feelings of fear and excitement before a journey.

I am sure all of us undergo this feeling when we embark on a tour to an unknown place.

We get thrilled when we are going to visit a new place at the same time worrying about how it is going to end.

Finally, all is well that ends well!


A bizarre Victorian creation!


The name is derived from the British penny and farthing coins, the former being much larger than the latter as if the larger penny is leading smaller farthing (in side view).

Known in America by the name Hi-wheel cycle.

This bicycle was popular in the 1870s.

Mounting requires skill.

Said to be dangerous since the seat is positioned high up and if the large front wheel caught any ruts in the ground, the rider would be thrown over the handlebars.

One interesting thing was that back in the 1880s women did not ride these bicycles since they wore a long dresses.

A difficult vehicle indeed to ride!

But the beauty lies in its simplicity.

“Bicycle means simplicity and simplicity means happiness!” Mehmet Murat ildan


“Boating…Risk everything, fear nothing, lives with no regrets” Unknown

Do you fear the ocean? Do you suffer sea sickness?

Then ‘boat riding’ is not for you.

Thalassophobia is fear of water bodies. (Sea, oceans and lakes)


What is kattumaram?

It’s a traditional watercraft used in coastal Southern India.

Three to five logs are bound together by fibre lashings.

The boat can easily float on the surface of the sea. This boat is used for fishing purposes.


Pushing the boat into the sea itself is a technique and one must wait for the opportunity

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Image by © PTP-2022 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of John.S’s LAPC #215 Planes, trains and automobiles


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