Peace without suffering?


Searching for Peace of mind

A have got 10 questions for you.

You may answer if you are comfortable.

  1. Where do you get peace of mind?
  2. When do you get peace of mind?
  3. How do you get peace of mind?
  4. How long your peace of mind lasts?
  5. Is peace of mind possible without suffering?
  6. Can your peace of mind be a permanent one?
  7. Do you spend tons of money to get peace of mind?
  8. Are you wasting your time in search of peace of mind?
  9. How much meditation etc. brings you permanent peace?
  10. Finally, what is your version of peace of mind?

The present-day lifestyle makes us think that leading a ‘peaceful life is a distant dream…and I am glad you realised the truth.

The day you are born, you know that life brings a lot of stress.

In the end, you realise that it is impossible to be at peace with your mind since you are aware that your mind is like a monkey….restless all the time resulting in a piece of mind

Wise men always talk

”If you are depressed, you live in the past.
If you are anxious, you live in the future.
But if you are at PEACE…you live in the present “
Lao Tzu

Easier said than done!

How I wish I live in my ‘present’ forever!

What is ‘ Peace Of Mind ?’ Aka ‘peace’?

Thesaurus Dictionary says- it is the absence of mental stress or anxiety.

Wikipedia talks of Inner Peace, referring to a state of being Mentally & Spiritually at peace with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress

Being at peace is considered by many to be healthy.

It is said that peace of mind is generally associated with three things

  1. Bliss
  2. Happiness
  3. Contentment

But the question is how do you get the Peace Of Mind?

My challenge

I am sharing 10 well-known secrets.

Take my challenge and Try these 10 secrets, and I am so sure it will be a disaster!

  1. Keep calm and don’t be jealous.  “Jealousy comes from, counting other’s blessings, instead of our own Unknown
  2. Don’t bite more than you can chew, because nobody looks attractive, spitting it back Carrol Bryant
  3. Don’t work for recognition, but do work, worthy of recognition H. Jackson Brown Jr
  4. Never tell your problem to anyone. 20% don’t care & 80% are glad that you have them – Quora
  5. If you live for having it all, what you have is never enough Vicki Robin
  6. Less is not necessarily more. Just enough is more
    Milton Glaser
  7. There is a story behind every person. There is a reason why they are the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone – Pinterest
  8. Forgive & Forget, but never forget to forgive, you may find a happier heart is the key to a happier life, Mahatma Gandhi
  9. Never put off tomorrow, what you can do today Thomas Jefferson
  10. Keeping the body in good health is a duty. Otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our minds strong and clear Buddha

Wise men have given many more of such advice.


Most tried and failed. Are you not one of them?

My thoughts

My guess is being a human being it is impossible to get peace of mind, even if you follow the wise sayings 100% and unfortunately for a change, I won the challenge!

What do I do to get that eluding peace of mind?

Since I am a believer in the Almighty, I visit temples and talk to God to get my quota of peace of mind and sometimes I interact with Mother Nature. Those who see me talking to God or Mother Nature concluded that I have lost my balance!

It’s OK.

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through it and let me know if there are some more secrets from your side to add.

 Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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9 thoughts on “Peace without suffering?

  1. I believe that peace of mind is contentment. Everything is in His hands, so worrying about the future means doubting His wisdom and providence. It is much more productive to spend energy on making correct decisions in the present. However, we can’t help but worry about those we hold dear, which definitely disturbs our peace of mind, so we pray for them and try to help them to the best of our abilities.

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  2. Life is not constant and I don’t think peace or mind or inner peace is something that is achieved and retained. It is something we must practice, like a skill, to get to that place that gives us tranquility to appreciate peace … sometimes it can stay and be held for a while, other times it is transient. There are too many variables all impacting on us and our environment

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    1. Another Gem from you.
      Agree with you totally that it’s futile to expect inner peace forever.
      Humans are constantly disturbed by their 24×7 inner thoughts and our subconscious mind is highly energetic and it loves us not to rest in peace while we are alive.
      Thank you my friend

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