How long does online friendship last?


“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood”

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

It’s a 4.5-minute read, and if you have patience please proceed…

First let us understand ‘friendship’

“Friendship is the best ship which can lead you on a world tour”   unknown

How long it takes to become a friend?

It takes roughly 200 hours to become best friends with someone, according to science. Can you sustain it afterwards?

Say 6 months? 1 yr…..3 yrs…..7 yrs…. Or till one of them decides to knock on Heaven’s door?

Don’t you think… friendship is a complicated relationship among people?

It can last from one day too…. lifelong!

“Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest…it’s about who came, and never left your side” unknown.

True friendship

It is said that true friendship is possible, having similar wavelengths and the two sharing their true feelings, whether a happy or sad situation in an honest way, at the same time maintaining confidentiality, helpful to each other whenever possible and not interfering unnecessarily into their matters.

with the invention of the internet and followed by online chat facilities…. both distant & near friendships became ONLINE

What is online friendship? (Unknown to each other initially)

It is communication between two unknown friends exclusively via the internet. With the advent of social media, video chats etc, it became easier, simpler and importantly faster to develop an online friendship.

What is great about online friendship?

  1. You can develop confidence in yourself.  2. Get support in times of depression (morally). 3. Emotional bond.  4. Can add value to your life.

Is it necessary for online friends to interact face to face?

Depends on the parties concerned. It is said that for friendship to be real, better they have face-to-face interaction and be honest with each other.

Can one trust online friendship?

How sure are you that the other side person is true to what he or she, as they describe themselves?

But remember, It is not all that easy to find the right kind of person and probably you should think twice and must be lucky!

Initially, it may be touch and go, but make sure you listen to your sixth sense. Suspicions apart, I think if both of them are on the same wavelengths, the friendship can boost and lasts longer.

Can online friendship between men and women possible?

If the friends happen to be men and women, it is all the more imperative that they know their limits and keeps things cool. We also come across many examples of people falling in love and taking the friendship to next level and breaking up later. Ultimately it is up to them to decide how to maintain the relationship to be long-lasting.

If both parties intend to have fun (online), share moments, have jokes, exchange ideas, make recommendations, suggestions, even help each other’s in difficult situations, (need not be financial), and may or may not be serious in taking the friendship to next level… can still be a lot of fun!

What about the age factor?

I am not sure. For teenagers the relationship is obvious. For Middle aged people, it can be a different meaning. Older people need affection & somebody to talk to.

What if friends happen to be young & aged?

It is up to the individuals concerned to continue or stop depending upon the individual feelings and priorities. I am not able to guess really and internet searches give different opinions.

And the secret of lasting online friendship?

To achieve lasting friendships, I think continuous communication is important. I feel it should be daily at regular intervals.

The beauty of online friendship is that you don’t know the other person, personally and your imaginations run wild! (If you are not into video mode the fun is much greater) You are in your virtual world, enjoying every minute! The discussion can even be a deeply personal conversation!

My take…long-lasting online friendship is possible, provided

  1. If the parties develop mutual TRUST and are HONEST (not exploiting). Don’t overdo chats or get addicted.
  2. Be frank and have open communication. Have a regular chat schedule  ( timing is important, both the parties must allot mutually convenient times) and keep in touch, and know each other even better.
  3. Be a good listener and appreciate the other party when the person deserves the same.
  4. Give importance to the common bond.
  5. Don’t be possessive. Tune down your ego to ZERO
  6. If possible, turn an online friend into a real-life True friend.

What is your experience with unknown online friends?

Can you share your thoughts?

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


15 thoughts on “How long does online friendship last?

  1. For me, this is actually quite a complex question you pose. We now live in a much more connected world, where its easy to develop relationships internationally. Of course, not every contact we meet online, through a range of online communities, will develop into true friendships but I don’t think that takes away from the possibility of forming strong friendships online.

    The other thought that occurs to me is the fact that I’ve got penfriend from 20-30 years ago – some of these have moved online – and this online friends.

    I guess I believe that we make connections everywhere … in person/locally and electronically. Some of these will be transient while others may just turn into rich, meaningful friendships. Plus, because of technology, we have online contact with our ‘in person’ friends

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad that your online friendship is working.
      I had just one online friend who ditched me for unknown reason.
      I am happy that your friendship with these 7 people is continuing and fruitful.
      I am not sure how to address you. My apologies
      Thank you so much my friend for your lovely thoughts


      1. Parksville Chronicles

        This was our first in person meet up in 2019. We had meet ups in 2020 and 2021 as the bloggers from out of town travelled to BC. And this year I met a person from Vancouver in my Duolingo group who happened to be visiting Denman island while I was on Hornby Island. We had weekly zoom meetings during COVID for almost 2 years but we have cut back to once a month. We all felt the need for mutual support during COVID and I think it kept us positive and engaged. Ann

        Liked by 1 person

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