The swear word ‘F’ in Hollywood Movies


“Life’s disappointments are harder to take when you don’t know any swear words”

Calvin & Hobbes

As an Indian, I always wondered why most of the Hollywood movies/TV serials have F* word in most of the dialogues.

Check this out

Wikipedia gives us the list of movies and also the total number of times the word f* is used. (from 1978 to 2018)

List of Films that most frequently use the word ‘Fuck’

It’s taboo here in India to even utter just ‘F’

People are considered uncivilized if they utter these words.

As I checked the following quora link, I realized the word F*** can have different meanings depending on the circumstance, apart from sexual connotations!

Why is the word F*** used so many times in English Movies, even though, it doesn’t make any sense sometimes?

Abhyudaya Kashyap’s answer appears convincing.

Looks like the whole Stuff depends on the emerging culture!

Please share your thoughts.

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Image by 3rdeyedezine0 from Pixabay


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