Naked Truth


“A thousand men can’t undress a naked man”

Greek proverb

I started wondering about this proverb.

The person is already naked. Where is the question of undressing further?

I was confused.

Since I am a layman, apologies for my ignorance.

I am not sure exactly what the proverb trying to convey.

I request learned members to enlighten me.

Don’t you agree that proverbs give us that extra knowledge and wonderful wisdom??

Or do you think proverbs are nothing but impossibilities or sometimes even absurdities, outdated and  sometimes contradictory … in the context of the modern world’s thinking prowess?

I was not getting a proper and quick answer for the above proverb from the internet search.

I tried and tried.

Finally, I was successful and I felt one answer clarifies perfectly.

“It means that honesty has no shame and nothing to hide”

Princessblaise39 (Yahoo answers)

Your thoughts on Proverbs?

Curiosities in proverbs

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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11 thoughts on “Naked Truth

  1. In the “curiosities in proverbs” that you linked to, “A thousand men can’t undress a naked man” was grouped with “You can’t get blood from a stone”, so perhaps it refers to something that is impossible no matter how much effort you put into it.

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    1. Apparently, the login problem I am having is endemic to WordPress servers. I’m seeing the problem on other sites as well. It’s not something specifically wrong with your site. When I commented above, I used the reader instead of going directly to your site like I am now.

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