The Bee that doesn’t produce honey?

Buzzing Bee


You read the title right.

Whenever we hear the term ‘Bee’ invariably we also think of Honey.

Are you aware that there are species of Bees which do not produce Honey or Bee wax?

A few examples are, Carpenter Bees, horn-faced Bees, and Mason bees. They are all solitary bees.

Interesting facts about the ‘Carpenter Bee’

The Bee that does not produce Honey

They got their name from their ability to drill a hole in the wood.
Can ‘tunnel’ up to 10 feet long.

The ‘hole’ they drill in the wood is all the time perfectly of the same size ( ½ inch diameter )and they can shame the professional human carpenter!

They are famous for their constant ‘Buzzing’
They are excellent pollinators, so do not kill them unnecessarily.

A long time back the Great Scientist predicted….

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

Albert Einstein

Please go through this interesting article on why we should not kill bees, be pollinators or honey

producing. A Thought-provoking article indeed !!…


“The hum of bees is the voice of the garden”
Elizabeth Lawrence

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17 thoughts on “The Bee that doesn’t produce honey?

      1. I read about honey bee and honey grades regularly as we plan to import larger volumes. The population reduced 30 percent from last ten years i read in a post earlier. I also aware the happenings and adultrations in market. So over all trouble with various down trend parameters. Eco system get polluted rapidly and no end or prevention like. Hope we all learn to save nature by default. Thanks for the nice post.

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