Creating my own style with bangles


“Sometimes the tickling sounds of bangles is just enough to fall in love”


Although Bangles are worn for a style all over the world, the ornament holds special significance in Hinduism.

It is almost similar to the ‘Wedding Ring” in Western Culture.

Image by Narasimha R from Pixabay 

For Hindus, Women’s Bangles are of Sentimental value, a symbol of good luck.

A Hindu Woman is deemed incomplete without this, so much so that even the poorest of the poor wear some form of Bangles.

The industry is not lagging.

They come out with discounted rates on any occasion.

Thus Bangle Industry is making a kill with Designer Wear etc.

If the bangle breaks it is considered a bad omen.

Women are careful in this regard.

Hindu Festival is incomplete without women wearing bangles.

The only time married women remove the bangle is either at labour or when she is widowed.

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