God is never too busy to hear your prayers


What do you notice in the photo?

I shall explain.

You see two gentlemen in a khaki dress seen busy breaking the coconuts in the Temple premise.

The lady behind in orange and red churidar (Indian Clothing) is holding a garland to be presented to the Deity.

The lady on the extreme left is holding a basket with fruits, flowers and coconut to be offered to the Deity.

The gentleman on the extreme right holding A DSLR positioning the camera angle.

The gentleman on the right with a striped ban-Lon is immersed in devotion with folded hands.

This is the scene we come across in the most popular Hindu temples.

This brings us to an interesting question.

Why coconut breaking is performed in Hindu Temples?

Coconut breaking is auspicious.

A ritual or worship is incomplete without breaking a coconut.

(offering coconuts to Gods and Goddesses is said to have started an alternative to animal sacrifice)

  1. The outer shell of coconut is hard and compared to the human ego, while the white soft inner part is considered a symbol of peace and offering coconut symbolises, offering of oneself to God in total devotion (surrendering the ego before prayer).
  2. It’s the purest fruit on the planet. The water has a divine quality. In Sanskrit the fruit is known by the name Sriphal, meaning God’s fruit.
  3. Have you ever noticed the three marks on the coconut?
Photo by elif tekkaya-Pexels

Never less than or more than 3.

In Hinduism-It’s considered as three eyes of Lord Shiva, and some consider the marks as representing the Trimurti, who is the trinity of supreme divinity in Hinduism. (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva)

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Image by © PTP-2022 All Rights Reserved

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