As a bot, I will rule the world soon!

I always wonder even admire bots on social media.

They are both good and bad.

They are good by being a confidence booster to the author. They are benevolent.

They can be bad by being dishonest and even indulge in nefarious activities.

I was about to prepare a post for a photo challenge.

I published a blank post today, just with a link to a photo challenge that I was planning to take part in.

This is what I published without any content.

Test 1

In less than 5 minutes I clicked my statistics and lo behold, this is what it showed!


You can notice that this empty post garnered 6 likes in less than 5 minutes.

How can anybody like an empty post?

This puzzled me.

Now I realised that bots are active.

So my friend, start thinking about how many ‘likes’ you get on your post are genuine.

What is the role of bots in internet hypes?

Our eyes first catch the trending topics on social media, because they act as a stimulant and they are magnets.

They appear on our timelines due to some algorithms.

My friend, remember that they are the result of social media bot manipulation.

And thus you are easily influenced!

These powerful bots are capable of massive global influence and manipulation of things and in the end, you appear stupid.

No surprise fake news is most popular and appear dramatic!

Are you the victim of these bots?

So all these ‘likes’ etc are a fraud on bloggers?

I don’t say that.

We do get genuine likes.

Many are encouraging comments.

Things are not what it seems to look on the surface on a larger scale.

I guess out of hundred likes you get on social media ninety per cent can be fake.

I don’t mean to disappoint you.

How to know whether ‘Likes’ are genuine?

There is no way.

If you can get a comment or two on your blog post, realize that you are the most fortunate.

Be happy and content with that.

Also remember that out of the total number of comments you notice on your blog post, half of them are by you.

Suppose you notice 100 comments, all are not from the readers… at least 50 are from your side, which is your response to the comments by the readers and only remaining 50 are from the readers.

So how do you decide the popularity of a post?

I feel, that if one is in a position to attract readers to comment on the post, one can be satisfied.

Getting comments is easy if you post on a controversial topic.

What about photography Blogs?

Comments are generally less in the photography blogs.

Most of the time we see ‘likes’ rather than comments.

We do come across routine comments like, beautiful, charming, pleasing, fabulous, excellent, nice, wonderful, stunning, marvellous, gorgeous and I can go on…

And as a photographer, we appreciate the commentators for going through our photos and commenting. Thank you guys for all the support and encouragement.


“The bots are taking over” Geoffrey A Moore

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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Image by © PTP-2022 All Rights Reserved

Featured Photo by Kindel Media-Pexels


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