Thursday Thoughts


My friend, I am not telling you anything new

Life is equal to problems.

Leading your life itself has become problematic.

If I say so, you jump to label me as pessimistic.

It’s OK.

But listen to my thoughts also.

You always wonder, when you hear saintly lectures.

Saints are Saints

Saints say that you must be happy and smiling because you are breathing!

You are indeed breathing.

Is that enough?

You are exposed to many problems daily.

They are either your own making or things beyond your control.

What do you do typically?

You mentally decide the intensity of your problem.

Even simple problem is made to appear complex because of your mindset up.

And when you face…the real complex problems?

You try to run away from it.

Instead of solving the problems, you find methods to avoid the problems.

Human tendency is such that you always love to blame others for the problems you are facing.

Is it not so?

So what is to be done?

My friend, don’t blame yourself or others for the misfortunes you are facing.

Don’t run away from the problems.

Life teaches us many lessons, this is one of them.

Instead of running away from the problems, run through the problems.

When you come out of the other end of the tunnel of problems-you have grown as a wonderful person!


“The best way is always through”

Robert Frost

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


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