Wanting vs giving


 Wanting persons 

These people want more money, more popularity, more pleasure, more likes on social media, more than 1000 friends/followers, more achievements (positive or negative), more power one can go on… and remember, we are never tired of ‘wanting’ more.

Why do you want more and more …and even more?

Probably you fear the ‘uncertain’ future, maybe you are too ‘greedy’.

These things make you develop desire, lust and finally, frustration if not successful and you may go into a dejection/depression/revengeful mode.

As the ‘ wanting’ person, you are always obsessed with more and more demands and quick & positive outcomes.

You are restless.

I am giving you a simple example.

Can you survive a good relationship? ( Wife, relatives and friends ).

The relationship can go sour since you are not getting what you wanted and when you get it, it becomes incomplete since you have newer demands cropping up.

You are unhappy all the time. Neither do you make people around you happy?

So you make your and others’ lives miserable.

The point I am stressing is that you lost your commonsense and fail to know the difference between ‘love’ and ‘desire’

“Love lasts a long time but burning desire lasts two to three weeks” Carla Bruni

In the end who is happy?


“Wanting more is a recipe for heartache” Stephen King

Giving’ persons

If you are a ‘giving’ type, and we all know naturally, you are the happiest person on the earth.

But note down.’ Giving’ personalities are of different types because their ‘giving’ pattern depends on factors like faith, Fear, self-serving and spontaneous

  1. Faith- These people have faith in God, and depending upon their religious philosophy, they donate some percentage of their earnings. and become the givers.
  2. Fear- comes to some, since many bad things happening in their lives, they make commitments to do some charity, hoping to get compensated by the Almighty and may derive some satisfaction.
  3. Self-serving- these are greedy people in the real sense and they indulge in ‘giving’ since they expect returns. Some say one can continue one’s sins by religiously donating some percentage of one’s illegal earnings.
  4. Spontaneous-These ‘givers’ are emotional type and they don’t hesitate to donate (even if they are poor), whenever they come across emotional incidences, which require monetary help.

If you are a ‘giving’ person, you are said to be a guy with a kind heart, you enjoy the ‘feel good factor, you have fulfilment and finally total satisfaction. Wait…….

Are you sure whom to give to, when to give and how much to give?

My feeling is…. the ‘giver’ must be judicious.

  1. If you belong to the generous ‘giving’ type-people may take advantage and even misuse your kindness.
  2. Your continuous ‘giving’ habit can bring down motivation among the ‘takers’ and they may become lazy.
  3. If you happen to be ‘giving’ to the ‘wanting’ persons, then you are doing great harm to your philosophy.


“Thus, to give money away is quite a simple task, but for the act to be virtuous, the donor must give to the right person, for the right purpose, in the right amount, in the right manner, and at the right time.”


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Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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Inspiration– Swami Sukhabodhananda, Michele, Roya Rad

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay


3 thoughts on “Wanting vs giving

  1. Stephen King is right, as usual.
    We believe that each person is a vessel constantly filled with G-d kindness. But when the vessel is full, it cannot accept any more, so it has to share with others. By giving kindness to others, we make room for the A-mighty to pour more kindness into us.
    Kindness does not only mean money; sometimes it is simply giving a nice smile to another human being who desperately needs it.

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