Judge me when you are perfect!


Past deed 

According to Oscar Wilde, the Great Poet & Playwriter,

“One’s past is what one is,

It’s the only way by which people should be judged”

Do you agree?

He says the only way to judge a person is by recollecting one’s past deeds.

Can’t people change for better if they are wrong in the past?

Don’t you think people should be judged by their present actions and by the results produced by these actions (I mean good or bad), rather than past deeds?

And Heinous crimes?

Here I am not talking of heinous crimes.

I am not an expert in thoughts on forgiving the unforgivable crime.

Here I am talking about routine mistakes

My friend, we all commit mistakes at one time or other.

If one looks into one’s past, be one’s childhood, adulthood, middle age or old age, even centurion…

One can observe that One is in the continuous learning process as the next second in one’s life becomes one’s immediate past.

People can change for the good, as time goes Is it not so?

“Judging someone does not define who they are, it defines who you are” Unknown

What exactly happens?

If you judge me by my past, don’t be surprised, when you become part of it” Unknown

Past mistakes

“Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, not define you” Unknown


The society too should be compassionate and not label the person in negativity forever.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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