If you notice in the above photo, a small part of the hind portion of the butterfly wing is missing ( more of the left wing than the right).

I don’t know the exact reason here but the reason can be many.

Attack by a predator or maybe by a powerful wind or maybe the wings deformed by birth?

Ok. Coming back to a broken wing in our lives.


I don’t know whether ‘Broken wing’ is correct English when we refer to this terminology to a person.

Some say a broken wing symbolises a person who is hurt badly and emotionally.

Said to be common among highly sensitive people.

Still, all is not lost. One can make sincere efforts to ‘fly’ again and at some stage, the unseen power lifts you high and things become easy to fly again.

This also made me recollect the friendship quote.

“Friendship is like a butterfly’s wing. Once it is torn, it may never fly again” Unknown

No surprise majority of us become introverts as we lose faith in friendship over time.

 Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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11 thoughts on “Wings

  1. An introvert personality is more than 50% genetic. Certainly, emotional trauma could make an introvert more introverted, but it will not turn and extrovert into an introvert. It might cause anxiety, even depression, but it will not change a personality.
    Great photo, dear Philo.

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