Keep calm and eat salad

“A salad ain’t just a meal; it’s a way of life” unknown

It’s a 3.9 minute read.

Do you ever add salad to your meal, my friend?

I know that not many find time to add salad routinely as a part of any meal.

“When schedules are tight and mealtime becomes a rushed affair, salads are often the first thing dropped from the menu, and that’s a shame because a salad adds nutrition, texture, colour, and taste to even the simplest of meals”

Jean Pare

It’s really unfortunate.

And salads don’t cost you a fortune.


There are many good reasons why one should eat salad daily

  • Salad is a crisp cool and refreshing light meal.
  • They are easy to make at home.
  • Salads are a natural source of fibre and reduce bad cholesterol.
  • And for those who are ashamed o their obesity, the salad comes to the rescue.
  • And good for the strong bones and strong teeth.
  • Most importantly it protects your heart.
  • By adding sprouts to your salad, you are getting the advantage of having extra energy.

What you should not do with salads?

Don’t add additives or preservatives.

Some people are in the habit of adding excess salt or pepper. This too is not a good habit.

When to eat salads?

I guess You mean the timing, whether to eat before, during or after the meal.

I am not sure about the timing because it varies from place to place and depends on culture too.

  1. Some believe that salad to be consumed after a meal because it aids in the digestion of the heavy meal.
  2. Some say salads to be served before a meal as a starter, the idea is to counter the hunger with crispy salad most importantly can prevent you from overeating in the later part of the meal.
  3. Many felt that there is nothing wrong with mixing salads with regular food, after all the components have to hug each other in the stomach ultimately.
  4. Some said why bother about science and process of digestion etc… simply enjoy the way you wish to eat your food. It’s OK if others make fun of your style of eating!

What about the size of the salad?

I don’t know the correct answer.

Dieticians, nutritionists or chefs among the readers can help me.

Time to smile☺

“A panda walks into a tea room and ordered a salad and ate it.

Then it pulled out a pistol, shot the man at the next table dead, and walked out.

Everyone rushed after it, shouting “Stop! Stop! Why did you do that?”

“Because I am a panda,” said the panda.

“That’s what pandas do. If you don’t believe me, look in the dictionary.”

So they looked in the dictionary and sure enough, they found Panda: Racoon-like animal of Asia. Eats shoots and leaves”

Ursula K.Le Guin

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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