The ways we miss our lives are life-Randall Jarrell


Many of us miss a lot of things, both in terms of human relations, monetary aspects or physical things.

Some miss things mentally.

By missing something all the time, people are missing the best part of the rest of their lives.

Is it not so?

But this can’t be avoided.

Because humans cherish the good things of the ‘past’ and experience that ‘missing part’ in the present that occupies our mind in the future too, resulting in the continuation of the suffering. Some call it self-torture.

It’s OK. Because this is part and parcel of our lives.

We can’t be emotionless. We have feelings and continue to experience our passions.

This is the Truth of Human life

We are aware yet…we all undergo this process of ‘missing’.

“You can’t waste time over missing something in the past.

Life changes, people grow up and grow apart, and you have to accept that” Unknown

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