Moth:I gave you my life. Flame: I allowed you to kiss me-Hazrat Inayat Khan


If you re-read the title regarding moth and the flame…whom do you blame?

And what does this teach us?

My friend, it’s a metaphor for emotional dependence.

It’s a moth-to-flame phenomenon.

This can happen because of the thought of helplessness leading to dependence resulting in self-destruction.

So better to come out of the toxic relationship.

My friend, it is a never-ending topic!

Enough of the ‘toxic relationship’ discussion

Let us talk about the value of time and how we spend our lives.

I don’t know why humans tend to think that they have all the time available on the earth and their final moments are a million years away.

They are experts in wasting their time.

They love procrastination because they imagine that they have plenty of time and things can be done at a later stage in a very leisurely way.

They tell everybody…they have this plan … that plan but are busy postponing things.

My friend, remember this

“Life lies in the blink of an eye.”
Mike Skinner

Life is fragile and we are grateful for those moments yet waste our time!

“Even up until the final moment of life, bat and moth are linked together forever, through time, and beyond.

As a last-gasp evasive manoeuvre, a fleeing moth will sometimes stop its wing beats in mid-flight, thereby ceasing to give off data to the bat’s radar.

But sometimes the bat will pause, too, so that the moth can’t pick up any radar signals-the bat seeming to have disappeared-and for just the briefest of moments they will both hang there, suspended in eternity.”

Rick Bass

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Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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This post is part of ‘My vivid blog’s daily prompt- Moths


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