Three of a kind

According to Ann Christine, (the host for this challenge-LAPC #201 THREE OF A KIND)

“With Three of a Kind, I want you to think about things related to your main photo – maybe a book, a flower, a room, a piece of art… Almost anything will fit in here – you could make your three images tell a story too! Simply put: Your post should have three separate images that are somehow related. (Another option is splitting one photo into three parts.)

What is Triptych photography?

Triptych photography involves

  1. Taking three separate photos that are related or
  2. Taking one image and splitting it into three different frames

Fu Lu Shou

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us ” A.W. Tozer

Fu, Lu and Shou are Chinese Lucky Gods and they represent stars in Heaven.

In the image above they are placed in order from right to left. This is as per Old Chinese reading which starts from Right to Left.

So from right to left, they are Fu, Lu and Shou.

They represent wealth, happiness and longevity.

  • Fu is a scholar carrying a scroll, a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Fu is also seen carrying a child sometimes, said to be a symbol of blessing.
  • Lu is an official in the imperial court and carries a sceptre which is a symbol of authority. Lu also said to carry gold, a sign of prosperity.
  • Shou is an old man with a walking stick and carrying a peach, a symbol of longevity.

✔For the best results you can place them on a table higher than 3 feet in the main areas of your home (living room, office). Don’t place them in the bathroom or kitchen or bedroom.

✔They should not face the entry door.

✔Although these deities are not prayed to, they must still be treated with respect.


“Wood carving is a great way to add an individual touch to your home without breaking the bank” Unknown


“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment” Ansel Adams

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16 thoughts on “Three of a kind

  1. While I loved the photos in this series, I loved the information you shared with us. Fu, Lu, Shou. Interesting to me, and such meaning to have them in a home. The fact that Fu is sometimes seem caring a child tells me together these three don’t just symbolize luck, but also life. Very nice. Donna

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