Who hates gadgets?

You know the answer.

Everybody loves gadgets!

You are lying if you say you are sick of gadgets.

“Man today is fascinated by the possibility of buying, more, better, and especially, new things.

He is consumption hungry… To buy the latest gadget, the latest model of anything that is on the market, is the dream of everybody, in comparison to which the real pleasure in use is quite secondary.

Modern man, if the dared to be articulate about his concept of heaven, would describe a vision which would look like the biggest department store in the world”

Erich Fromm

Have we reached a saturation point?

Many say, we are destroying ourselves in the name of ‘progress’.

My friend, you have lost everything by not knowing the value of ‘today…’ that is ‘the present’.

You are chasing the mirage.

“People go on postponing everything that is meaningful.

Tomorrow they will laugh; today, money has to be gathered… more money, more power, more things, more gadgets. Tomorrow they will love – today there is no time. But tomorrow never comes, and one day they find themselves burdened with all kinds of gadgets, burdened with money.

They have come to the top of the ladder – and there is nowhere to go except to jump in a lake”



“How hard it must be to keep fighting for a dream when that dream is probably a mirage” Amy Hill Hearth

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This post is part of Sue & GC’s Weekly prompts- Wednesday challenge- GADGETS

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