In the trees


The Bee that does not produce Honey!!

Hole-d Up

The insect in the image above is known by the name carpenter bee.

You can also notice multiple holes in the tree trunk,

Whenever we hear the term bee, invariably we think of honey.

Are you aware that there are species of bees which don’t produce honey or beeswax?

A few examples include carpenter bees, horn faced bees, and mason bees.

They are all solitary bees.

Interesting facts about the ‘Carpenter Bee’

They got their name from their ability to drill a hole in the wood.
Can ‘tunnel’ up to 10 feet long.

The hole they drill in the wood is all the time perfectly of the same size (1/2 inch diameter), shaming the professional human carpenter!

They are famous for their constant buzzing. THEY ARE FAMOUS FOR THEIR CONSTANT ‘BUZZING’

They don’t sting.

They are excellent pollinators.

Don’t kill them.

A long time back the Great Scientist predicted….

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live” Albert Einstein

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Image by © PTP-2022 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of Dale Cooper’s Cosmic Photo Challenge- In the trees

5 thoughts on “In the trees

  1. i find it hard to kill a roach (some of the time). i do not like killing. so those bees are safe with me. unless a bee or bees pose a harm to me or my family then i have no other choice but to kill.

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