Friendly Friday Challenge- Leading lines

Sarah of Travel with me leads the photo challenge with the theme “Leading lines”

Thank you Sarah with your much needed theme.

The term ‘Leading lines’ is a compositional technique (rules) in photography, in which lines are used to direct the viewer’s attention to the main subject in the image.

“You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else” Albert Einstein

I am not going into the details and types of this particular composition, since many participants have already covered the topic.

Photography is a fascinating subject if only you show some interest to learn

I am not talking about the photographers who use auto mode forever or just go on clicking just because they have a cellphone.

“If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”
Don McCullin




Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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Image by © PTP-2022 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of Sarah’s Friendly Friday Challenge- Leading lines

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