Question to you

“Sometimes life seems to be a big question mark. Don’t know where it will lead us to…” Prathima Bhandari

Just because somebody is not ‘following’ you or not ‘commenting’ in your posts or not even ‘liking’ your posts

  • Though you ‘comment’ in their posts or
  • ‘Like’ their posts or
  • You being a ‘follower’ of them…..

Do you decide to stop interacting with them in any manner?

What is the best way to describe your attitude?

I mean…I help you if you help me or else…

Why are you so particular that people must read your post, whether they like it or not?

Are you not creating an ‘Anxious state of mind’ for yourself all the time? 

And your sincere thoughts on this matter?

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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Photo by Pexels-Pixabay

17 thoughts on “Question to you

  1. When I’m trying to cut back on my reading, either because of poor concentration or because I’m just following too many blogs, I tend to cut back on blogs that aren’t interacting mine before I cut back on blogs that are.

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  2. I follow who I like. I follow about 500 blogs. Not all post daily or even weekly. I don’t pay that much attention to who likes or comments on my blog. Rather I should say I don’t pay attention to those people who don’t.

    I personally hit like, because with my challenges I’m a super busy when I’m on line. I want to know the people I follow to know I’m here and really do see your read your post. I’m a picture person so obviously I follow mostly photographers. If blogging is all about the statistic, and I do watch mine, it’s not fun for me. I love to see other people blogs. It keeps my creativity alive.

    The only people who I will not follow or unfollow, generally post more than 3 posts a day. Some writer’s I’ll unfollow if their content isn’t something I am even interested in.

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    1. Wow! 500 blogs!

      I love your energy Cee Neuner.

      You inspire the rest of us.

      As a blogger, we speak of Cee Neuner with awe!

      And patiently you respond to every comment, not just that, you also acknowledge the participants with encouragement unlike some of the hosts and thus keep the energy flowing for the participants.

      Looking at the statistics now and then can enhance one’s moods.

      As per you how many posts per day one can post (if one is capable) and if so what is the time gap one can give between posts?

      I am asking this question because for a photographer, there are too many challenges happening every day to every week.

      And thank you so much for your valuable input.



      1. Photographers if they are participating in challenges, they can actually post more than three. So it depends on how much I like their photography. There are actually very few who unfollow, but there have been a few.

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  3. I only started blogging in November so learning every day. Initially I felt slightly concerned about receiving few likes and comments but after a slow start I’m gaining in confidence and what’s more important I’m enjoying it. 🙏🏼

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    1. Glad that you are gaining confidence and started enjoying.
      Be consistent and interact regularly with like minded people and never bather about likes, comments or follows.
      Ignore statistics provided by WP or google analytics.
      Thank you my friends for your thoughts.


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