CMMC- Close up or Macro

“Which is better off. a lizard basking in the Sun or a Philosopher?” Ursula K Le Guin

Do you have Herpetophobia?

Herpetophobia is fear or aversion to lizards and snakes.

Seeing the creature can cause disgust, aversion, anxiety, panic attack or nausea.

To be frank, there is no need for all these.

Most lizard species are harmless to humans

House Lizards Are a lot of misunderstood creatures. They are harmless, they help us by eating those dangerous pests which cause immense damage to human health.

Certain Lizard in California is said to prevent Lyme disease since the reptiles act as a host to these bugs and proteins in the lizard blood are said to kill the Lyme causing bacteria in the Ticks.

Do people eat lizards?

Hey man, instead ask…is there anything that humans won’t eat?

Lizards are a popular delicacy in many parts of the world.

But the biggest worry with lizards is toxicity and bacteria.

Chances of food poisoning are high!

I don’t go into detail about how lizards are prepared for the meal.

It’s said by the adventurists that lizards and snakes are eaten during a survival scenario.

In Nicaragua, the lizards (Iguanas) are often served for dinner.

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This post is part of Cee Neuner’s CMMC- April- CLOSE UP OR MACRO photo challenge

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