Cake it easy


Birthday comes once a year

Is it not so?

Sadly, those born on February 29th (LEAP YEAR) birthdays come once in 4 years!

But all is not lost.

Those born on Feb 29th are said to be the most famous and rich.

What do you do on your birthday?

Who doesn’t enjoy birthday cake?

Birthday cakes generally have engraved ‘Happy Birthday wishes’ which include most of the time, the name of the person celebrating the birthday.

The typical birthday celebration starts with the blowing of candles and all the near and dear singing ‘happy birthday to you’.

What a joyous occasion!

As a kid, you are more interested in gifts.

And finally a happy end by the time the day ends.

What about those Persons under tension?

But what happens in case the persons (grown-ups) celebrating a birthday are always under tension due to some reason?

I am sure the celebration can happen just for the name’s sake of this person without him/her showing any enthusiasm.
The near and dear ones are sure to elevate the spirit of the person and try their level best to bring cheers.

Yet many people are not in a mood to celebrate their birthdays, for so many reasons and in these situations what to do?

I don’t know.

Can tension be solved?

One can try

  • The moment you are in tension you will lose attention
  • Then you are in total confusion
  • And you will spoil personal relation
  • Ultimately you won’t get cooperation
  • Then you will make things complication
  • Then your blood pressure may raise caution
  • And you may have to take medication
  • Instead, understand the situation
  • And try to think about the solution
  • Many problems will be solved by discussion
  • Which will work better in the profession
  • Don’t think it’s our true suggestion
  • It’s only for our prevention
  • And finally, never come again to tension


Lots of advice are available from pandits, gurus, YouTubers and scholars- Which one suits you so that you stop stressing out?


“Stress spelled backward is desserts” Loretta Laroche

“In a year you’ll barely remember why you felt so stressed, so why stress about it now?” Unknown

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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Image by © PTP-2022 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of John S’s LAPC #193- BIRTHDAY photo challenge

13 thoughts on “Cake it easy

    1. Thank you John.
      I must also thank you for this lovely theme and I am glad to see large participation with those memorable B’day clicks.
      For this theme I wished to cover differently for those people who are in no mood to enjoy their birthday due to their own reasoning telling them that there is no meaning in undergoing tension and forgetting the present.
      As Tina Schell mentioned my closing thought summarises my topic hence my title ‘cake it easy’

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