Friday Fun- framing your subject


“You can frame a moment. But you can´t frame life Armin Houman

Crescent Moon

Half or full is always beautiful!

Crescent Moon
“I like the crescent moon more than the full moon. You ask Why? Because the crescent shows us that life is to be enjoyed little by little and not all at once” Sulagna Dhall

A beautiful distraction

“A beautiful aspect of life is the scenery that the earth provides” Jessica Marie Baumgartne

Sarah of TRAVEL WITH ME (a lovely travel blog), is the host for this fortnight’s Friday Fun photo challenge.

Sarah Says

“Let’s look now at how we can use ‘frames’ to enhance our photos. I’m not talking about actual photo frames of course. No, I mean anything within an image that can be used to frame your main subject and draw attention to it. This could be a man-made structure such as a bridge, arch or fence; it could be a natural feature such as a tree; or could even be human (think of hands clasped around a face).

Frames have various uses when it comes to composition. The most obvious perhaps is that they serve to guide the eye to one main point in a scene or a subject that you want to emphasise. But you can also use them to hide other objects that you don’t want to be seen.

Plus, a frame gives your image depth and perspective. Photography is a two-dimensional art, but a frame can trick the eye into seeing in three dimensions.

And adding a frame can give the viewer more information about where the shot was taken by setting the main subject, perhaps a person, within a context such as a building.”

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Image by © PTP-2022 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of Sarah’s Friday Fun- FRAMING YOUR SUBJECTS photo challenge.

2 thoughts on “Friday Fun- framing your subject

  1. Thanks for joining the challenge 🙂 I love the quotes you’ve found to accompany your photos, especially the one from Armin Houman which is just perfect for this theme! And your photos illustrate exactly what I was getting at with my suggestions for different types of frames – thank you!

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