What a beautiful gesture!

I am seeing this gentleman for the first time.

He is waving to me with that beautiful smile ☺ in a friendly gesture.

Not just this gentleman, also notice his family members, they too are smiling and spreading joy and happiness.

I lost no time returning my smiles to him and his family members.

Now I know the reason why I was on cloud 9 for the whole day!

How do you react when an unknown person is just being friendly with you with all those contagious smiles?

Do you return the smiles?

Or you are a bit apprehensive about the motives?

I find a majority of the people are always suspicious about the motives of the other person, especially the unknown.

We suspect each other most of the times

“What is suspicion? It is a tool to spoil one’s, own Soul.”
Dada Bhagwan

Why we are like this?

“Humans are suspicious and jealous creatures. When they see something perfect, they want to find a flaw.”
Gosho Aoyama

Why can’t we be smiling all the time to each other?

Another million-dollar question.

No doubt smile, in general, signifies a positive emotional state.

Maybe it’s the personality or cultural background or maybe they feel there is no need to smile.

Maybe the fear of the unknown.

One may not know the exact reason, why a person is unable to smile or avoid smiling.

Sometimes we do come across ‘fake smiles’- and one can easily make out these fake smiles.

Still, there is one strong reason to smile…

“If you’re reading this…
Congratulations, you’re alive.
If that’s not something to smile about,
then I don’t know what is.”
Chad Sugg

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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Image by © PTP-2022 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of Ragtag Daily prompt- PEOPLE

5 thoughts on “People

  1. Smile is most of the time contagious. But still we fail to give back that smile to strangers because of fear of the unknown or we might be engrossed in our own thoughts. A lovely message and a good reminder to smile back to people who spread positivity and joy

    Liked by 1 person

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