Beauty without expression is boring-Ralph Waldo Emerson


What do you think of the expression from the above face?

You are sure it’s not a happy expression.

Neither does it’s resembling an unhappy expression.

Do you think this face is expressionless, meaning an empty expression?

Can a face be without expression?

You must be knowing Janet Lane quote.

“Of all the things you wear, Your expression is the most important”

First of all, Why should anybody talk of somebody’s facial expression?

I am afraid you are wrong.

Expression surely tells the mood of the person. It’s related to the emotion, that person is experiencing.

And depending on the expression of somebody, you are in a position to reach the person by being helpful or keeping quiet.

What do you think of modern-day ‘Botox Beauties’?

It’s beyond my scope of the discussion.

Everybody is at liberty to do how they wish to appear externally.

Aggie Blum Thompson has an explanation…

“We are at that age where men get sexier, and women get Botox.

Worst facial expression

“Of all facial expressions, which is the worst to have aimed at you? Wouldn’t you agree it’s disgust?”

Leif Enger

Can one come across expressionless (emotionless) people?


And please don’t jump to conclusions.

“Emotionless people are not emotionless from the beginning they just disappointed and hurt very strongly by who they love” Unknown

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Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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