Macro Monday

“If you calculate 15 minutes a day to shave, that is 5,000 minutes a year spent shaving” Fidel Castro

I am sure you agree with me that shaving brushes are used to maintain a clean and nice shave.

Shaving brushes are made from both natural and synthetic materials.

Natural fibres that are used come from boar, badgers and horses.

Are these animals killed just to keep your skin clean?

I know that you know the answer.

And that is part of humanity!

Synthetic material comes from nylon bristles and I guess it is a plastic component,

When did shaving originate?

They say it started in the stone age (100,000 years ago).

You will be surprised to note that women started shaving from 1915 onwards! (source-internet)

Why do women feel pressured to shave?

“I stay in shape by doing yoga two or three times a week. And by “doing yoga”, I really mean shaving my legs” Unknown 

Some question the necessity to shave.

I have no answer.

Are you wasting your time by opting for a regular shave?

It’s said men spend 1080 hours and women spend 1728 hours in their lifetime shaving.

I am sure it’s exhausting for men with a hairy bodies!

Do you prefer clean shaved?

Do you suffer obsessive-compulsive disorder to be clean shaven all the time?

It’s a difficult question to answer.

It all depends on your available time and how comfortable you and your better half are without undergoing this torture.

Are you aware of ‘No shave November’?

The idea is to grow awareness about cancer patients losing hair because of the treatment either by radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

By putting down the razor for 30 days, donate the hair maintenance expenses to the cause and aid those fighting the battle.

No shave November is a month-long campaign.

Put down you electric razor, scissors and get hairy and help for the cause.

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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Image by © PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved


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