Easier said than followed


Two pieces of advice are very easy to give.

1. Keep Smiling( In other words Be Happy ).

Do you remember Bob Marley’s song ‘Don’t worry, be happy’?

2. Think Positively( in other words Lift yourself )

Both according to me are Myths.

Now let us analyse these two in the Real Life

Keep smiling and be happy

My friend, thought of ‘keep smiling’ is a big question mark ⁉️, because it depends on your mood at any given point of your time.

Smiling is possible only when you are in a pleasant mood.

“The Saddest people smile the brightest” Unknown

And Happiness is a kind of Magnet, we get attracted.

we are used to believing that Happiness is achieved when we get things that we wished for and one can see the smile on our faces.

How long do happiness and smile stay?

One minute, one day, one month, one year or throughout our life?

The demand for happiness is never-ending.

And the irony is, you can’t be happy all the time, since your wishes are unending and fortunes of your smiling face fluctuating!

Just think that

  1. We can not control our thoughts, created at the time of unpleasant happenings in our life.
  2. You can’t pretend to be happy when the results are not as per your plans.
  3. Whatever happens to you for whatever reason…You & I know that it’s only time being and life goes on with newer challenges to face.
  4. When you are unhappy, consciously( outer world)you may give broad smile to others, but you can’t defeat the thought of unhappiness, since discontent at the subconscious(inner world) level is waiting to exploit the situation to further sadness…
  5. Happily ever after happens only in ‘Fairy tales’ and in ‘Reel Life’ (Hollywood, Bollywood) rather than in ‘Real Life ‘


If you are Unhappy, Accept it, bear it and simply move on, rather than keeping the Fake Smile or acting brave etc.

Think Positively

It is the single most influencing stuff, storming the entire world and 21-century version of the ‘Be happy’ model.

Think positively – is a kind of ‘Reassuring’ yourself that nothing is going to be wrong and the problems get solved themselves. Nothing more dangerous than this attitude.

Remember your problem is yours alone, it is going to be there, and mere positive thinking not going to help and you alone have to solve the problem to get peace of mind.

“The thing that upsets people is not so much what happens, but what they think about what happens” Epictetus

So your mindset is more powerful than the routine ‘Be positive’ psyche. It is OK not to be positive at times, since the situation you are facing does not necessarily end in happiness.


Nothing wrong in a positive thinking but convert this into practical thinking.

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

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