‘Tomorrow’ doesn’t exist!!

“This today of yours is the precious tomorrow of someone who passed away yesterday” Diva

This is a repost

About my thoughts, it’s up to you whether you agree or not.

You are the judge. 

Note-We all Live in Hope, but as you know Hope can have either positive or negative outcomes.

Instead why can’t we just pray that everything will end well and complete the day with a positive note?

I request the readers to read the following with a positive orientation.

Don’t we live in a permanent illusion of ‘Tomorrow’?

Is not your mind telling ‘lies’ constantly about your tomorrow?

Is it not a fact that you can’t see tomorrow, and none of us knows or is sure of its existence or even how it looks!

Then why do you say, tomorrow…I do this…I do that.. etc?

Since none of us knows anything about this extraordinary tomorrow, is it not meant to spend time today, to the best of our ability, living in every second, helping each other in whatever way it is possible.

There is no such thing as tomorrow

Now that you realized that there is no ‘tomorrow’, you can stop demanding things from God and start

having faith in GOD and just start the day (i.e. today) by saying  ‘whatever happens today is for my good

and rest God will take care.

Develop the philosophy ‘there is no other time better than this moment.

By this thought don’t you think, you are liberated from all your tensions, anxieties and worries forever?

Are we depriving the joy of  ‘today’ for the sake of ‘tomorrow’?

Think that today belongs to you and you are here to spread your faith & love.

Listen to the 4  wise thoughts

“There is no tomorrow. There is only a planet turning on its axis, and a creature given to optimistic fancies”. Robert Brault


“Tomorrow may never come to us. We do not live in tomorrow. We cannot find it in any of our title-deeds. The man who owns whole blocks of real estate, and great ships on the sea, does not own a single minute of tomorrow. Tomorrow! It is a mysterious possibility, not yet born. It lies under the seal of midnight–behind the veil of glittering constellations”.  E.H.Chaplin


“This day was yesterday tomorrow nam’d:
Tomorrow shall be yesterday proclaimed:
Tomorrow not yet come, not far away,
What shall tomorrow then be call’d? Today” Robert Owen,


“People were always getting ready for tomorrow. I didn’t believe in that. Tomorrow wasn’t getting ready for them. It didn’t even know they were there” Cormac Mccarth.  

What are your thoughts?

And your favourite quote?

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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