Whatsoever is lovely

Protective Mother!

“Because when it comes to my offspring, I will fight with the fangs of a wolf and the claws of a dragon. And no one, no nothing, will stop me from protecting them” Jordan Sarah Weatherland

Is this not a perfect attitude of any mother towards protecting the offspring?

In the photo above, I felt that the duckling got tired and sat to take a rest for a while. But the mother duck was not comfortable and was busy looking all around.

Where these two stopped, is a pathway with a speed breaker ahead.

Looks like the mother is worried about the traffic and the dangers that lie ahead.

Duck vs Goose

Are ducks and geese the same or different?

Internet search told me that scientists identify the difference by noting how many bones are in the neck.

Ducks have 16 or fewer bones.

While Goose has 17 to 24 neck bones.

Ducks are smaller than geese.

Female ducks make a ‘quacking’ sound (Male ducks won’t quack instead has a deep monotone sound), while goose don’t quack but make a ‘honking’ sound’.

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This post is part of XingfuMama’s Whatever is so lovely- photo challenge

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