Love is scarce…Really?

Lonely“The only thing we never get enough of is love, and the only thing we never give enough of is love” Henry Miller

Why does this happen?

We all think that Love means romance. But it is not so.

There are 7 types of love

  1. Storge- Familial love
  2. Phila-friendship (shared goodwill, affectionate love))
  3. Eros-Sexual or passionate love, love of the body
  4. Agape-unconditional love
  5. Ludus-Playful or uncommitted love
  6. Pragma- Long term love (married people)
  7. Philautia-self love (healthy or unhealthy)

( source, Quora)

My discussion is limited to the married couple or any committed relationships (Pragma)

Think for a second.

Can you tell the difference between ‘school and life?

“In school, you are taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you are given a test, that teaches you the lesson” Tom Bodett

So what I am trying to tell is Life allows us to learn lessons from our experience.

In this situation….. day to day problems faced by the couple can make them more accommodating, understanding and helpful to each other since they know what they are facing and the probable solutions.

Thus we can become wiser by experiencing these experiences.

But here is the hitch

The problem comes in the unknown form of ‘E G O nullifying all the benefits of life’s lessons, which we learn throughout time.

Why can’t we attempt to look into this? Why can not we prevent this disease before it strikes us?

When we can manage lifestyle diseases with sugar-free, fat-free, salt-free, gluten-free etc. etc….why can’t we give it a try for Ego-free?

The only way to achieve peace and harmony is becoming ‘EGO LESS’, and this should be the  outcome of your life’s lessons if you are willing to learn.

Another aspect is, to be able to differentiate, the difference between love & Possession.

Don’t think, just because you love the person…you got right to possess the person. (as if the person is a property)

Remember love is selfless, coming from the bottom of the heart with total dedication, sincerity and commitment to lead a supportive life together.

And so…..

We make our life miserable because we never make an attempt to understand the full potential of true love, and thus we make ‘love’ scarce despite its abundance.

True Love gives you, the real experience of what all you dream and

Ego gives you, all the heartache.

“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love” Max Muller



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