Fleece vs Wool

Fleece is a synthetic fabric while wool is a natural fabric.

Fleece is not as warm as wool.

Fleece is cheaper compared to wool.

Fleece is softer than wool.

Fleece is not breathable, unlike wool.

The quantity of wool depends on the breed of sheep.


Do you have the real, I mean true friends?

If so then you are most fortunate.

“Good friends are like cozy sweaters, they’ll always be there to keep you warm when the rest of the world leaves you shivering” Jennifer Le Blanc



A sheep can produce 2 to 30 pounds of wool per year.

Sheep needs 6 weeks to grow enough wool.

“Better to lose the wool than the sheep” Italian proverb

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This post is part of Ragtag Daily Prompt- FLEECE

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