What do people incorrectly assume about you?

This post is part of Bloganuary daily prompt- What do people incorrectly assume about you?


Why do people incorrectly assume you?

Yeah…this is an interesting question.

Is this not so?

Because you are in a position to assess yourself regarding your talents, communication skills, your performances, level of intelligence, how much respect you can command, how much love or hatred you can elicit from the reactions of others in response to your behaviour.

But are you bound by the reactions, comments and observations of you, by others?

Ultimately the whole thing boils down to ASSUMPTION…right?

It can be yours or theirs.

Assumption can be either in positive angle or negative angle.

Let me share my experience of what others think of me.

From my patients (mostly positive)

  • I am extremely kind (I may get annoyed at times- I am a human too)
  • Compassionate (true but many take advantage of this and talk irrelevant things with their stories forgetting that the next patient is waiting for their turn)
  • Available all the time (I don’t mind telling that I might have lost thousands of hours of my family time, it is OK I am bound by the oath and I consider duty as a priority)
  • Soft-spoken ( but my family for sure says I am harsh)

And I can go on and on.

What is happening here?

I am assumed incorrectly.

I am sandwiched between my family commitment and duty commitment. 

From my friends (negative)

  • They are totally unhappy because they think I always give excuses.
  • They think I am avoiding them.
  • They decided that I am an introvert.

What is happening here?

I am assumed incorrectly.

From my family (negative)

  • They think I don’t know the true meaning and real value of ‘family time’
  • When I developed an interest in photography, they think all the more I am spending time with the camera instead of with the family.

What is happening here?

Again I am assumed incorrectly.


Technically there is just one and the same person but assumed differently by a different set of people based on their experience with me.

So who is correct and who is wrong?

My soul tells me that I am not wrong and not at fault.

This is what every one of us claims in general. Is it not true?


“The problem with making assumptions is that we believe they are the truth.

We make an assumption. We misunderstand.

We take it personally. 

Then we react by sending emotional poison with our word. 

This creates a whole big drama for nothing”  Unknown

What is the best solution?

“Before you assume, try this crazy method called ASKINGUnknown


Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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6 thoughts on “What do people incorrectly assume about you?

    1. Whose deeds?
      I am confused😂🤣

      I remember another quote (by unknown) “When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME”

      Without knowing the facts, we fill the blanks with our interpretation based on our past experience and connect the dots, and proudly express, our own story which in fact is a wrong narration.

      Many situations we get annoyed because emotions come into play.

      Best thing is to open our mouths and ‘ask’
      That’s the Mantra I feel.

      Humans are too complex to understand properly each other, my friend.

      Based on our so called intelligent ASSUMPTION we blame each other for the nonexisting problems.

      Thank you so much Silk Cords for your thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Everyone’s deeds. For instance, I had a “friend” that was always doing underhanded things to me and others, and constantly pitting people against each other. She SAID she was a friend and wouldn’t do that…

        Liked by 1 person

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