“One of the problems with climate change, global warming and global air pollution is that it may change the frequency and intensity of electrical storm activity. Too much lightning activity may cause excessive mating, aggression, fatigue, illness and disease to occur. Too little may turn off the animal and plant breeding cycles” Steven Magee

Lightning is an electric current

Lightning flashes travel at a speed of light (670,000,000 mph), while actual lightning strike travels at a

speed of 2,70,000 mph

  • A single bolt of lightning⚡ is 5 times higher than the surface of the Sun
  • The study of lightning has a name and known as Fulminology while fear of lightning is Astraphobia.
  • Thunder and lightning are not separate. They are just two features of the same phenomenon
  • Venezuela experiences the most number of lightings on earth
  • Lightning causes forest fires and vice versa

Lightning is deadly

Many people are killed by lightning in India.

Between April 2020 – March 2021 lightning killed 1619 people in India.

70% of the fatalities happened to those people who were taking shelter under tall trees.

Climate change and frequency of Lightning⚡ 

Degradation of the environment is said to be directly proportional to the intensity of lighting.


“The world is reaching the tipping point beyond which climate change may become irreversible. If this happens, we risk denying present and future generations the right to a healthy and sustainable planet – the whole of humanity stands to lose” Kofi Annan

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