I am a fan of Horses

“I call horses ‘divine mirrors’ – they reflect back the emotions you put in. If you put in love and respect and kindness and curiosity, the horse will return that” Allan Hamilton

Horses are always fascinating!

They are faithful companions be in wartime, peacetime, beach rides and have been used for transportation.

Equestrian sport is an enjoyable sport for many.

Horse trivia

  • Horses are plant eaters
  • Horses have bigger eyes than any other mammals on the land.
  • Horses gallop at around 44 Kph (27 Mph).
  • A male horse is called a stallion, a female horse is a mare, a young male horse is called a colt and a young female horse is a filly.
  • Ponies are small horses.
  • Horses can sleep both in standing and lying positions.
  • Horses produce approximately 10 gallons of saliva.
  • Horse riding is a demanding sport.

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and freedom” Sharon Ralls Lemon

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13 thoughts on “I am a fan of Horses

  1. In this verse, every creature performs their role with utmost dedication. However, the world forgot how helpful horses have been in their respective field as compared to “dogs”
    Hight time we give them enough credit.
    This one is for every horse around 🏇🏇…..

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  2. I agree with your love of horses, Philo. I feel the same way. I didn’t realize their eyes were the largest! Fascinating. I also believe all domesticated animals really can sense our emotions. 😀😀😀. They are wonderful creatures.

    Liked by 1 person

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