CFFC- All one colour

“Everybody is the same colour with the lights off” Cee Lo Green

The insect above appears to be a moth with a less vibrant colour on the wings, unlike a butterfly.

The colour appears to be more or less uniform involving the entire body including wings and legs.

Ever wondered how insects and animals

  • Identify each other (same tribe)
  • Recognize each other (like friends and relatives)
  • Communicate properly (sending the distress message when required)
  • Help each other

Always I am surprised because unlike human beings animals and insects resemble each other more than 100% as if they are duplicates, similar in appearance, in the design pattern on the body and the colour.

We the humans are in a position to differentiate each other by facial features and body colour.

Are we better off than the other living creatures because of our abilities?

The answer sadly is a big no.

Though we all belong to the same human tribe, yet we fight with each other, kill each other all the time, unlike animals.

People are giving importance to body colour all the time.

No surprise that ‘fairness skin creams are the most sought after item in certain parts of the world.

Animals of the same tribe do fight with each other or even kill each other but only during mating season.


“I don’t care about the skin colour, everybody is a human being. Beneath every skin colour, you bleed red. That’s just the bottom line of the truth” Angelique Kidjo

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Philosophy Through Photography

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Image by ยฉ PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved

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