Fork in the Road

“Robert Frost wrote about “two roads diverg(ing) in a wood” and taking “the one less travelled.” But, in Molly’s case, both roads continued on to equally devastating destinations, even if the specifics were different. Which of the two paths would you choose if one went off a cliff and the other into quicksand?”
Ray Smith

What to do if you come across a fork in the road?

Robert Frost says- take the road less travelled. But how do you know which road is less travelled?

By roughness? or smoothness?

My friend, that’s the fun part of life!

Nothing you can do about the roads since roads are already laid.

But you can take the call.

“This fork in the road happens over a hundred times a day, and it’s the choices that you make that will determine the shape of your life” Liz Murray

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This post is part of Sue & GC’s Weekly prompts-Weekend Challenge- Fork in the road

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