“Happiness is doodling” unknown

I don’t make out what the child was trying to convey in the image above.

I guess it’s a tram with people and a signal indicator in the front.

Since ‘shapes’ is written, I think it’s about various shapes.

Whatever it may be, it’s said doodling enhances memory, better concentration may be a stress buster.

Many said it is another form of creativity.

But the definition of doodling confuses me.

What is doodling?

“To draw pictures or patterns while thinking about something else or when you are bored”  Cambridge Dictionary

In other words, one is doing doodling while occupied with something else including boring!

Now, my question is, Which one the person is concentrating on?

The doodles or the job the person is attending?

I am not sure about the scientific explanations of the benefits of doodling but I feel that it diverts you from the present occupation.

Is it important?

“Why is it great to create? Because it’s enjoyable. It’s fun making stuff—you start with nothing and end up with something else. Being creative opens up new ideas, exercises our brain, and makes us feel good” John Burgerman

Is doodling only for kids?

Not necessarily.

Adults too can indulge.

You would have noticed many adults doodling when paper and pen are available during a long telephonic conversation.

Notable doodlers include Alexander Pushkin, John Keats and Rabindranath Tagore.

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This post is part of GC and Sue‘s Weekly Prompts-Wednesday challenge-Doodling

5 thoughts on “Doodling

  1. We used to set a shape topic for the younger children and by the look of this writing, the child could be around 6/7 years old. The idea is to draw and name as many shapes as they can.

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