Art is a line around your thoughts-Gustav Klimt

Public art encompasses any form of art you see in a public place, large or small, statues, murals, graffiti, gardens, parks, etc. The art should be visible from streets, sidewalks, or outdoor public places. Let your imagination and photographic eye show us diverse samples all over the world. PPAC

“‘A true masterpiece does not tell everything” Albert Camus

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Philosophy Through Photography

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Image by Β© PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of Marsha’s PPAC #23 Photo Challenge.


17 thoughts on “Art is a line around your thoughts-Gustav Klimt

    1. Thank you Marsha.
      I understand that the art work is done to de-stigmatize the HIV and AIDS affected community and encourage them by sharing happy stories of the survivors.
      The mural is titled’ We are” by mixing the AIDS patients with those who are not, stressing that we are all human and all deserve the equal place in the society.

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