Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed-William Blake

“The naked truth is always better than the best-dressed lie” Ann Landers

Nude art is Weird and wonderful!


That is the way it is!!

I was wondering whether the words ‘nude’ and ‘naked’ convey the same meaning.

Nude vs Naked

Both mean having no clothes on.

But there is a difference in the situation.

‘Nude’ is a kind of pose to bring out the artistic expression in a tasteful way.

‘Naked’ is said to be embarrassed and vulnerable while trying to cover up the body with clothes.

I also understand that male nudity indicates the ‘power’ in the form of a muscular body, while female nudity indicates ‘Feminism’ and ‘delicate being’

How common are these nude statues?

Each period of history had distinct sculptural styles based on the accepted aspects of culture and tradition.

What people feel objectionable these days might have been a basic form of art in those days!

In the Western world, we come across many nude statues in many places.

Male nudes were popular in Greek Art.

In Asian countries, we do see naked statues of medieval times but are restricted to very few places of ancient temples and caves. (Carvings)

Why nudity, of all the things?

My feeling is people were mature in ancient times.

“When we respect the nude, we will no longer have any shame about it” Robert Henri

Men and women had equal status in society and women were never thought of as sex objects and one can easily make out that people, in general, are aware of the difference between adoring the human body and lust.

Artist of those days knew what they were doing

“He who does not master the nude cannot understand the principles of architecture” Michelangelo (1475-1564)

Sadly modern days nakedness is a different story and fast getting commercialized.

I am not sure about other countries, but in India, people, in general, are less comfortable when they come across such statues

Probably ‘culture & tradition of the modern era’ plays a significant role.

Why nude statues were common?

Hats off to ancient times, when men and women respected each other, were treated equally and their dressing styles were similar.

My guess is in the olden days topless body was common among both men and women which was never considered erotic, so most of the art depicted was in the form of topless body and never anybody said bad about this, after all, whatever ancient art we come across, it must be depicting the social norms prevailing in those days.

This ancient culture may also be linked to hot climates.


“Naked is a human commodity. Nudity is God’s art” David Allio

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Take care, my friend.

Namaste ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Philosophy Through Photography

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17 thoughts on “Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed-William Blake

  1. Thank you for your thoughts on naked vs nude – yes, interesting it is. When it comes to nude art, nobody here in Sweden is feeling strange about it – it is everywhere. We also have some beaches where you are not allowed to wear clothes. Itยดs a movement where people believe we should be natural – the way we were made – nothing to be ashamed of. It seems embarassment of nudity came with Christianity, or religion in general. We were told to hide certain parts of our body. I was born more than 60 years ago, and by then people here had started questioning the necessity of clothes in warm weather. (We are a secular society.) I am not one of those in reality. Sweden was renowned for its movies with naked people in. Bergman for example.

    Most people my age dress comfortably and ordinary, but young people have much less clothes on in the summer. On the beach many young people are topless – personally I would never dream of it. I wear a bathing suit.

    This is an interesting subject, where we are all different. Personally I find it much more strange that we in movies can show morbid and destructive things like murder and torture, different methods of abusing people – but showing nakedness is not allowed? Which is the most natural thing?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow!

      Lot of information you provided AC.

      Thank you so much.

      That is was I notice in most European countries.

      Nude art display is not a taboo.

      It shows more of maturity in the society of these countries.

      No body stares anybody.

      But the culture in Asian countries quite opposite.
      Mindset and bringing up makes all the difference.

      Never we find a nude sculpture in public places in Asian countries.

      Asians always find it odd.

      So when they see topless bodies, they are intrigued.

      You are right about your observation on movies glorifying all sorts of things and spoiling the young minds.

      Unless people’s mindset changes nothing changes.

      Thank you for your clever theme.



      1. I am glad you found it interesting, Philo. Culture and mindset – I agree. No matter what – we should take better care of our young. And you are so right about the changing of mindsets. Did you know, I was born the same date as Mahatma Gandhi (but another year)- I am proud of that.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Wow!
          It’s wonderful to note that your birth date is same as Mahatma Gandhi.
          Yes. You are right and it’s the responsibility of elders to imbibe the core values in youngsters.
          But sadly they are misled by the social media….which was not there in our times.


  2. Interesting conversations on nudity vs. nakedness between you and Ann-Christine. The mores in the USA have changed a lot since I was young decades ago. We are becoming more secular and less religious, so the attitudes towards nudity are much more liberal now. But still, we aren’t as liberal as Europe. I haven’t been to Asia yet, but I will! Thanks, Philo for raising these questions. Fascinating.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad that in your place people are becoming more secular and less religious and people are more generous and understanding.

      I wish this spirit of ‘Love’ spreads across the continents.

      Asian countries are rich in their heritage and many locations are photographers paradise.

      In smaller towns people may stare at you because of the skin colour but don’t get offended… the thing is you look different. and stand out prominently that all!

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      1. Hi, Philo. There is a significant crisis of faith in North America, I think, given the scandals in the Catholic Church. The Canadians are shocked by the deaths of thousands of children in residential schools run by the church. Sadly, many more deaths will be discovered before the investigations are over. The investigations in the USA are just starting. So sad.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you Pattimoed for the rich information.
          I too read these thing from TV and news papers.
          I was wondering whether we are living in mediaeval times.
          May be religion and politics a deadly cocktail?
          I am not an expert in these things ….I don’t know why humans are so cruel to fellow humans!!
          I am just staring at the sky!!

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