When in doubt take a bath-Mae west

Kings And Queens Baths

“Having lots of money while not having inner peace is like dying of thirst while bathing in the ocean” Paramahansa Yogananda

There is some confusion among non English speaking people about the terminology used for bathrooms.

I am sure even in the English speaking world the meaning may differ.

Bathroom, washroom, Toilet, Restroom or a wet room, cloak room, comfort station, comfort room, latrine, closet, commode, pot, Garde robe, privy….

Looks like the list is really long.

I understand that there are 157 synonyms for bath rooms adding to the confusion as to what exactly bathroom contains?

What way the kings and Queens baths differ from the ordinary?

I am not into the planning, architecture, the design, the ornaments and other accessories made of Gold spread across the bath room.

I am also not talking about the the construction style of the lavatory which can go side by side with bath rooms.

I am taking about a peculiar profession.

Is it true that in ancient time kings would have some one to wipe their bottoms after attending to natures’ call?

Internet search made me realize that there is a designation given to this person doing this filthy job..

He is known by the name Groom of the Stool

I am not sure about Queens having ‘Bride of the Stool’.

Again internet search did not bring me to ‘Bride of the Stool’ but to ‘A Lady of Bedchamber’

Any message?

My guess is ‘Anything is possible’ but under certain ‘circumstances’.

  • If you have a passion
  • If you are forced to do
  • If you love your dear life
  • If you are selfish
  • If you are confused
  • If you want favours
  • If you love your people

“Sometimes it’s hard to face your own life…” Jon Stewart

Please share your thoughts

Watch this clip as to how we evolved over the time in the art of dumping!

Thank you for visiting my site and taking your time to read.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

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