Tomorrow is another day, and there will be another battle!-Sebastian Coe

“it turns out we were some people which has been chosen by God to be happy in a different way # beggars” ys sroyer

The topic ‘Another Day’ reminded me of Phil Collin’s song ‘Another day in Paradise’

An emotionally touching song! Worth watching and listening!

Love this song.

For you and me it’s another day in Paradise.

But for beggars and homeless- it’s another day of battle!

Why begging?

Begging can be out of necessity or because it has become a habit.

Poverty is the main culprit.

I don’t have any idea of beggars or homeless people in other parts of the world, but in India, we do come across beggars and homeless people in most of the cities.

Problems faced by the beggars are too many including no home or proper food and poor hygiene.

Less said better about their health condition.

I also understand that there are gangs that force people to beg.

Chances of getting abused or trashed (thinking that the person is a thief) are possible.

It’s much worse in case of disability.

The government is helping these helpless people by taking various measures to stop it.

Many NGOs are also helping in eradicating this problem.

Another day in beggar’s life

Let us imagine ourselves as a beggar.

  • When you wake up in the morning no water to brush your teeth or take a bath
  • Proper clothing and grooming are your biggest problems
  • You must live nearby restrooms (provided by the Government & NGOs)
  • No breakfast most of the times
  • If you are lucky you may get breakfast at the wastage bin near a hotel
  • If you are fortunate, during begging you may get some coins, if unlucky you may be showered scolding and shouting
  • If your coins are sufficient in number and worth, then you can try your luck for lunch which is not guaranteed every day
  • Forget your dinner
  • You get drenched during rainy days and have to sleep or sit on those drenched pavements
  • During hot summer days…chances of you getting dehydrated and suffer sunstroke- a possibility.
  • As a pavement dweller, you can get hit by erratic vehicle drivers

I can go on and on…

So before you complain…

“Before you complain about your life, remember the life you are living might be someone else’s dreams” Manoj S Naik

But life is life and to be lived fully!

“There were worse things than death, as she’d discovered. Sometimes living took far more courage. Facing another day. Enduring. Those things took strength. Far more than dying” Maya Banks


“If you are reading this, be sure to count this on your blessings list.” Anthony Liccione

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you for visiting my site.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

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17 thoughts on “Tomorrow is another day, and there will be another battle!-Sebastian Coe

  1. There are those who beg here in the US also. There is a man who stands in the same place almost daily and I notice his clothes are not the same each day and are reasonably clean. He appears to have bathed. And I take it as a sign that he is able to care for himself, whatever his circumstances. I know many who beg are not so fortunate.

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  2. I agree with the narrative. Love Phil too, always have! Opposite end of his genre spectrum but I know where he was coming from by experience in “Don’t Care Anymore!” If you like check it out in this essay of mine in the comments, and while ya at it be sure to give a listen to Ashley Cleveland’s rendition of “Gimme Shelter;” she is a Country Fire Cracker, but a lady that had some hard lessons and made good choice in spite of the hard things; by God’s Grace! I actually love her voice and this rendition way more than the Stones original, or any others I’ve heard perform it!

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  3. I am with you on this one my brother. I know that how each person who begs arrived by the side of the road may be different, but their being there is the same. I try to help, but I’m sure it is so little compared with their needs. I offer my prayers and love to them as well. I feel you do too.

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  4. Slaughter today
    and murder
    the powerful
    the women and children of this world

    the soul
    the cause
    of thoughts
    about a helpful god

    The chosen ones
    have a profit
    Power and influence
    pulled under her wing

    the luck, the hope
    is children’s prayer

    Every person
    gets by the soul
    their own dream

    we know the other
    us do not know
    the human being will have to go his own way

    Everyone lives his life as best he can

    No one ever tasted death
    until we reach his destination
    there where he waits for us
    got there

    dying is the hardest work
    that we have to take before we take our last breath

    Spirituals mean the blessing
    us the common people
    from their hand

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