Alphabet- Must have O in the middle of the word

BuffalOes – The Indian Speed breakers

Watch out for a speed breaker!

We, Indians are used to the stray cattle on the city roads or National highways.

Herds of stray cows and buffaloes roam freely on the roads causing hindrance to the traffic.

Still, we love them because they control the irresponsible and erratic/rash drivers on the road. But how?

Fortunately, these animals act as a speed breaker on the national highways, cautioning the vehicle driver that he or she is not a Formula Racing driver.

There are disadvantages to allowing these to strays on the roads. This is injurious to both animals and the people if any accident were to happen.

“What is the speed breaker (speed bump) on the road for? It is for your safety. Therefore, these difficulties that come on your path are for your benefit. If these obstructions are not there, people will speed through without stopping and cause an accident. These obstructions are there to keep one within normality.”  Dada Bhagwan

What about our life’s Speed breakers?

“Life has speed breakers in the form of depression, loneliness or anything related to mental illness. Don’t consider these breakers as the end, instead break them with your conscious improvement and drive towards your goal” Rubendhrah


“Nothing on earth is so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night” Steve Almond

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